Darth Vader Calls The Emperor

Darth Vader Calls The Emperor after the death star blows up.


I am afraid of the Dark

Back in the day, Are You Afraid of the Dark? was the show of choice. This was back in the age when quality ghost stories could potential get you a snuggle or (gasp!) maybe even a kiss from a pretty girl who you freaked out with a story. This was an early 'get-laid' tactic. If you could tell a scary enough story you could also pick up 'street-cred' with the guys in the group.

On an almost tribal level, telling a scary entertaining story is almost like playing the shaman in a pre-pubescent neighborhood heirarchy. As the teller of scary tales, you were the commander of the frightening. You manipulate the elements and the components to induce fear. You control the chills of your friends in a twisted, preverse manner that almost alienates your from society in the telling.

This episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? is legitimately scary. After faint memories of the show and how 'awesome' it was, I found myself looking it up for a review on a Tuesday with little actual work to be done. Enter YouTube and a window into my past.

My Roomate and I remembered Are You Afraid of the Dark? to be entertaining if not hokey and hilarious. Scary was not a quality that we attributed to the show; we were not afraid of the dark.

After watching this little episode, we were scared out of our minds. This was absolutely terrifying. It was goddamn chilling. I am actually still recovering. In many ways, I am going to have to go get some Hot Chocolate or something to perk my human psyche. I feel like Harry Potter in the Prisoner of Azkaban, the dementor of this classic Nickelodeon show has emptied my being of happiniess.

I need some action or sugar.

I am afraid of the dark.