Nintendo Nirvana

Found this video while reviewing Google Video's Top 100. It seems that some students at Gordon College decided to act out Super Mario 3 at a talent show. It is, if nothing else, Gameboy Genius.


Colour like no other...

So I followed up on a story on MSNBC on the Clio Awards. Every year, the Clio Awards recognize the best advertisements in the world.

This was my absolute favorite. It was made by this Danish director who had the idea of dropping 250,000 bouncey balls into the streets of San Francisco. I do believe that this ad may be the most stunning, inspired and creative work of advertising that I have ever seen.

Check it out.


The Return of My Muse

She was

the curious rekindling of lost dreams
& is now
returned, rediscovered, reignited.

reenter the royal we
my princess and me
(just me, + she).

There was
The Death of the Artist in me
There is
The Resurrection of the Poet in me


Let the noun stand alone.
It is collective and substantial.
(Introduction unrequired
For a love unexpired)

There was
The poetry of Middle, Ages and Ages hence
There is
The new poetry of Ginsberg & Cummings since
There was
The midnight muse and the fairy in the drink
There is
The muse returned and love’s lost labors linked.

There was She was
There is She is

(explanation unrequired
for a love that is refired)

She is
The curious rekindling of lost dreams
& me,
(she is the ( ))


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