World Cup Fever

So the World Cup has begun and I have fallen full prey of the veritable World Cup fever. In my irreverent disarray, I have begun a new blog that is dedicated SOLELY to World Cup 2006.

With help from the most knowledgable soccer scholar in New England, the intellectual Thomas Rodelli, I set sail into the wonderful tempest that is,


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Newport Film Festival

Nothing says it’s summer in Newport like the Newport International Film Festival. I call it by its full name here, but for the RI natives, and dedicated Newport filmophiles around 02840, its much better known as the Film Fest.

This year, I was late in getting my volunteer program up-to-speed. But, as expected, the general chaos of NIFF affairs and the great dearth of local, readily available help easily ingratiated me.

Last year, I was stuck at the Box Office moving boxes and putting up posters until I realized that I could practically walk into a film with a volunteer shirt on. That inspired me to spontaneously ‘volunteer’ at the Newport Art Museum screen, and vis-à-vis get to see Stolen, THE hot film of 2005.

This year, I have been stationed at Oprea House, which is generally preferable to any other venues because it offers three films in one location. Teamed up with my brother, I have balloted, ushered, assisted with video calibration and chatted up actors, writers and filmmakers alike. There truly is nothing like the Film Festival to start the Newport summer in proper cultural style.


Xbox on the Porch

We moved the Xbox out on the porch and played Unreal Tournament with four players while the Thunderstorms moved in from the West.

Some skaters walked by at around eleven and stood there stunned while we shot each other up on a 15-inch screen and technoed out to a mix by Krafty Kuts.

It was proper Hackers.
It was proper cyber boheme, and as we sat in the building wind and pressure, with flashes from the thunderstorm reflecting across Narragansett Bay, and my mother screaming for us to come in, I thought to myself,

Upon what digital domain will the modern man lay down his controller for the praise of Mother Nature in the Midnight Melee eternal?

Just a thought.


All my life, I've wanted to write something true. Something definitive and new. Something worth reading.

It seems sometimes that just when you think that you've run out of air, when you can no longer gasp another breath and the world seems to stifle your very existence, you awake from a preaternatural slumber and explode.

This is the moment that I am waiting for,
This is the mission of my summer soliliqouys.